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Samantha no longer plays with Sappho, the 409 Band, Fat Cat, Liz Manville, Harvey Mandel, the Boy Watchers or the HeadSpins...

"This page celebrates all of the musicians I've had the privilege of playing with. We have experienced glorious moments of musical rapture together, put up with each others egos, made some money and had a rockin time. Thanks to all of you! Only a few are featured on the site right now, but with a little help, I can add more. Please subscribe to the newsletter to begin to get updates and be able to send in pics, recordings, videos, flyers, promo stuff, what ever you would like to share."

I'd like to start by featuring my friend and longtime partner, Paul Christensen. Not just another guitar player, his music cut through with a racous edge and got peoples bodies moving. When we played together, we rise to another level. It is magical for players and audience alike.

Paul and I played with many drummers, but the guy we really loved to be with passed away in 2009. He played it clean and he played it mean, like he meant it. We miss you, Richard Castillo."

Here are some pictures and sounds, not in chronological or any particular order. "I've been a musical mercenary for years, and intend to continue. Call me! Hire me, you'll be glad you did!

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Paul Christensen and Sam

Richard Castillo


Acoustic SamMitch

dot.calm mostly jazz

Samantha and Jontae

Samantha Wolf:
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