Foam Rolling and YOU

Why should I use a foam roller?
Using a foam roller between your massage sessions can help your healing and improve your functional capacity.
What does this mean for YOU?
It facilitates your healing process. You receive the most benefit from your massage therapy sessions when you use the foam roller between visits.  Additionally, you are assisting your own healing process – it puts YOU in control which means potentially reducing your frequency of sessions and/or getting to maintenance faster.
What should I be doing between massage visits?
Glute squeezes, stretching, foam rolling, strengthening and breathing exercises.  With that said, recommendations will be made that are specific to your situation and needs.
Does use of a foam roller hurt?
The truth is, you shouldn’t do anything that hurts unless you feel better after.  In foam rolling, you address the points of pain and you get them to release.
Can I just do foam rolling only and skip my massage?
Foam rolling is not a substitute for regular care but an adjunct to facilitate your healing process.  Besides, why would you want to miss out on a relaxing, beneficial massage?!  The goal is for you to achieve optimal health as quickly as possible and then simply maintain this the rest of your life.
The following are some general recommendations for foam rolling:
Any questions, please feel free to email us – we’d love to hear from you!